Volume 19 (2022), Issue 2

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DOI: 10.55521/10-019-200


Veronica Hardy and Alison MacDonald, Special Issue Editors

Acknowledgements and Thank You
Veronica Hardy and Alison MacDonald, Special Issue Editors

Editorial: Does Racial Bias Exist in the ASWB Social Work Exams?
Stephen M. Marson, Editor

Social Work Values and Ethics in a Time of Change
Rory Truell, IFSW Secretary-General


Decolonial Ethics as a Framework for Anti-Islamophobic Social Work Praxis
Mehmoona Moosa-Mitha

Disrupting Settler Colonial Microaggressions: Implications for Social Work
Roe Bubar, Tiffani Kelly, Caridad Souza, Leslie Lovato-Romero, and Kimberly Bundy-Fazioli

An Entervention Ethical Framework of Social Work Practice with Indigenous Communities
Angelito B. Meneses

Nothing about Us without Us: Social Worker, Harm Reduction and Anti-Racist Struggle
Rita de Cássia Cavalcante Lima, Marta Dias Batista de Leiria e Borges, Juliana Ribeiro Salvador, and Maria Luísa Salazar Seabra de Freitas

Confronting Social Work Worldviews: Ubuntu and Procedural Research Ethics with Persons Experiencing Refugee Status
Neil Bilotta

Structural Whiteness in Mental Health: Reexamination of the Medical Model Through a Lens of Anti-Racism and Decolonization
Debra K. Minsky-Kelly and Becki Hornung

Social Work Ethics and Values as a Mitigating Force in Migration: Lessons from
Caribbean Child Lifers in the USA

Khadijah Williams

But Culturally Competent for Whom? Ethics and Cross-Cultural Dilemmas in COVID-Era Social Work
Lindsey Disney & Stephanie Carnes

Social Work in Zimbabwe: From Social Control to Social Change
Noel G Muridzo, Rudo Memory Mukurazhizha, and Samuel Lisenga Simbine

Social Work Students Attitudes towards Deservingness of Social Help: Results of
Research in Five European Schools of Social Work

Stefanie Vogt, Melanie Werner, Holger Spieckermann, and Eva Grigori