Manuscript Policy

Manuscript submissions

Email proposed manuscripts to Stephen M. Marson, Please make a note of the date of your submission for tracking purposes. Manuscripts must follow our manuscript format guidelines. Download the guidelines.


  1. After your manuscript is received, the senior editor will send you an email acknowledgment within five days. 
  2. Within 30 days, the senior editor will notify you that your manuscript has been sent to the editorial board for peer review. 
  3. Within 60 days, the senior editor will notify you of the outcome of the peer review. If changes are requested in order for the manuscript to be published, the senior editor will work with you through the revision process. If your manuscript is accepted for publication, you will be provided a manuscript ID number.
  4. Accepted manuscripts will be assigned to a copy editor. The copy editor will contact you regarding any editing that is needed. 
  5. If you have any questions about the editorial process, email Include the manuscript ID number in the Subject line.


The Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics accepts manuscripts on topics that relate to its mission. Please read our mission statement in the About section for details.


Because the Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics is an online journal, length is not an issue. Manuscripts should be clearly and concisely written. Typically, manuscripts are between 12 and 20 double-spaced pages using 12 pt body type (excluding references and tables). Manuscripts longer than 20 pages should clearly warrant the additional writing.


All submitted manuscripts must be original and may not be published elsewhere. Upon publication, the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) becomes the owner of the copyright. All author(s) must sign and submit a form to transfer ownership of the manuscript. Only accepted manuscripts with a signed transfer of ownership form will be published online. The publisher may, on occasion, also publish a collection of some articles in print form.


All material included within the proposed manuscript must be compatible with an online presentation in HTML. Submit manuscripts in Word (or compatible) files, according to the Journal’s manuscript format guidelines. See our manuscript format guidelines for font sizes and instructions about attaching illustrations. 

Title, Abstract, and Keywords: All manuscripts must include a title, an abstract of no greater than 250 words, and a list of five keywords that can be used by readers/researchers to find the published material.

Tables, figures, and illustrations: Submit each table, figure, and illustration as a separate JPG file, maximum 500 pixels in width. Authors are responsible for specifically identifying in the manuscript the location of where such material is placed by noting [insert Table/Figure/Illustration # here]. References to tables, figures, and illustrations must precede the placement of the graphic. Publisher will make every effort to accommodate the requested placement, given HTML presentation. 

If volunteers on the editorial staff must convert a file or make corrections to the formatting, publication will be delayed. Thus, follow these guidelines:

  • Include each individual figure in a separate JPG file (max 500 pixels in width)
  • Do not include running titles
  • Do not include headers or footers
  • Do not include page numbers

If you have questions about formatting, email


All citations must be in APA style. Please check your manuscript, including references, for correct APA style and completeness. Please check the APA Publication Manual for correct spacing, punctuation, and other aspects of APA style. (NOTE: APA 7th edition must be used starting with articles accepted for the Spring 2021 issue and following.)

At the top of all manuscripts, first authors must certify the citations by including the following statement:

I, [insert the name of the 1st author], hereby certify that every citation used within the body of this manuscript is listed within the “References” section and that every citation included in the References section is cited within the body of the manuscript.

If volunteers on the editorial staff must make APA style corrections, publication will be delayed or rejected. Purdue University’s OWL website offers guidance on citing in APA style.

Review time

Every effort will be made to have articles reviewed within three months of the time they are received. Articles will be evaluated by at least three editorial board members.

Full disclosure

Members of the JSWVE boards are permitted to submit manuscripts for publication and have their books reviewed. Authors who are associated with this journal are not given advantage over authors without association. 

All manuscripts, regardless of author, undergo anonymous review and are accepted or rejected based on the same criteria. 

All published book reviews comply with a standard of objectiveness and quality, although the reviews are not completed anonymously. Books are selected or approved by the book review editor in accordance with the mission of the journal, regardless of author. A book reviewer may not have established a friendship with the author of the book being reviewed.

Review process flow chart

The review process that submitted manuscripts undergo is illustrated in a flow chart. Download the flow chart.