Mission Statement

The Journal of Social Work and Ethics examines the eand values issues that and are interwoven with social work practice, reand theory development. JSWVE addresses eand value issues that encompass the full range of social prand issues that social workers encounter. The journal provides the necessary historical perspectives on the development of social work and ethics, as well as present articles providingand ethical dilemmas stemming from state-of-the-art developments.

The Journal of Social Work and Ethics focuses on areas such as:

  • Development of models for anaand resolvingand ethical conflicts.
  • Discussion of eand value dilemmas related to the development of new technologies.
  • Research studies on the influence of and ethics in social work practice decision-and in agency program development.
  • Examples of good practice that clearly highlight eand value considerations.
  • Theoretical articles that explain the origin, develand evolution of social work and ethics.
  • Rand analyzes schand practice books, monogand articles written on the topic of social work and ethics.