Volume 21 (2024), Issue 1

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DOI: 10.55521/10-021-100


Announcement: Major Changes at the Journal
Stephen M. Marson, Editor

Editorial: A Follow-up on Artificial Intelligence
Stephen M. Marson, Editor

Editorial: Social Work’s Role in Ending Antisemitism: If Not Us, Who? 
Jo Dee Gottlieb & Anne Steigerwald, Special Contributors

A Tribute to Excellence: Honouring Stephen M. Marson’s Legacy
Pascal Rudin, Publisher

Changes at IJSWVE and Thank You
Stephen M. Marson, Editor, and Laura Gibson, Book Review Editor


Effective Altruism: Implications for the Social Work Profession: Part I
Frederic G. Reamer

Effective Altruism: Implications for the Social Work Profession: Part II
Frederic G. Reamer

Seriousness of Social Worker Violations and Importance to Discipline: A Study of Social Work Licensure Board Members
Tamara Kincaid, Carl Brun, Brian Carnahan, Tiffany Welch, Darrin E. Wright, Michelle Woods & Dianna Cooper-Bolinskey

Toward a Critical Social Work Ethics of Immigration, Migration, and Human Rights
Eric Levine

Practice Standards for Addressing Social Justice in Social Work Research
Allan Edward Barsky & Jordan Derek Barsky

Can the Business-Oriented Higher Education Environment Compromise the Ethics of Social Work Education? An Exploratory Study of Faculty Perceptions
Laurene Clossey, Hanif Bey, Michelle D. DiLauro, Taniko King-Jordan, David Rheinheimer


Forum: The Limitations of Large Language Models and Emerging Correctives to Support Social Work Scholarship: Selecting the Right Tool for the Task
Bryan G. Victor, Lauri Goldkind & Brian E. Perron

Book Reviews

Roberts, D. (2022). Torn apart: How the child welfare system destroys Black families—and how abolition can build a safer world. Basic Books.
Reviewed by Nubian OmiSayade Sun & Kate Warren Barnes

Barsky, A. (2024). Clinicians in court: A guide to subpoenas, depositions, testifying, and everything else you need to know (3rd ed.). Guil-ford.
Reviewed by Bishnu Mohan Dash