Changes at IJSWVE and Thank You

Archives > Volume 19 (2022) > Issue 3 > Item 04

DOI: 10.55521/10-019-304

Stephen M. Marson, Editor, and Laura Gibson, Book Review Editor

Marson, S. & Gibson, L. (2022). Changes at IJSWVE and Thank You. International Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, 19(3), 35-36.

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The International Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics is always seeking specialists in areas for which we receive manuscripts. In addition, we recruit scholars who are bilingual.  In our recruitment efforts, we found Claudio Barbero, BSW of the Ministry of Education of the Government Córdoba, Argentina. We are fortunate to have him join our Manuscript Editorial Board. Martha Avery Cook, MSW, LCSW was also recruited for her special knowledge. She is employed in the USA with the Counseling and Psychological Services at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The most difficult aspect of recruiting is locating competent copy editors. We found Alina McKay, Ph.D. who has an academic background in macro analysis and is a professor with the University of British Columbia.

A great deal of work goes into each issue of the International Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics. All work on our journal is completed by volunteers and no one — including our publisher IFSW — makes a financial profit from the publication. In addition, we have unsung heroes on our editorial board who contribute to the existence of our journal. Because we have a rule that requires our manuscripts to be assessed anonymously, I cannot offer public recognition of their names. I thank them! However, I can publicly announce the names of our hard- working copy editors. Their work is not confidential. For their major contributions to this issue, I must publicly thank:

  • Ann Callahan
  • Roger Ladd
  • Eric Levine
  • Bob McKinney
  • Jane Summerson
  • Jennifer Wood

The editorial entitled “Exposing White Privilege by Two White Guys” was complex to write. We deeply thank:

  • Veronica Hardy
  • Georgianna Brown Mack
  • Jacquelyn Mitchell