Review Criteria 5: The manuscript’s presentation of original ideas

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As a reviewer, it is important to become familiar with articles previously published in the International Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics to enhance one’s ability to distinguish between original ideas and article content that was previously/recently published.

When reviewing a manuscript, explore the content for original ideas in relation to social work values and ethics across the various levels of practice. Navigate content to locate language explaining how the author(s) built upon previous research or engaged in the creation of novel ideas or methods supported by previous literature or the author(s) research studies that received Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval.

Explore the manuscript for language that communicates how the content addresses gaps in social work knowledge, contributes to the social work profession, and clearly states the significance of the content in relation to social work practice, research, and theory.

Introducing an old idea in a new way is publishable.  We do not reject ideas from the past—particularly if the idea is presented in a new or refreshing manner. For example, younger readers of the journal may not have read manuscripts published over 10 years ago, as their professors may not accept older citations in academic coursework. Thus, if a reviewer has a manuscript that addresses an old idea, it need not be rejected on that basis alone.