Volume 14 (2017), Issue 2

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DOI: 10.55521/10-014-200


President Donald J. Trump
Stephen M. Marson, Ph.D., Editor

A Dedication to Wayne Evens
Stephen M. Marson, Ph.D., Editor


A Relational Approach to Practice: An Ethical Alternative to Working With Parents in Out-of-Home Care Processes Elizabeth Claire Reimer, Ph.D.

Stuck in the Middle With You: A Case Study of the Ethical Implications of Conflicting State and Federal Marijuana Laws in Liver Transplant Social Work
Greg L. Pugh, Ph.D.

An Explication and Application of Max Weber’s Theoretical Construct of Verstehen
Patrick Gann, MSW, Ph.D. candidate

Integral Ethics for Social Workers
Mari Ann Graham, Ph.D.

Social Work Student Perceptions of Group Work and the Presence of Value Themes That Correspond to Group Work Success
Sandra R. Williamson-Ashe, Ed.D., MSW & Kirsten S. Ericksen, Ph.D., MSW

Press release: NASW Approves Revisions to Code of Ethics

Book Reviews

Gambrill, E. & Gibbs, L. (2017). Critical thinking for helping professionals: A skills-based workbook (4th ed.), NY: Oxford University Press
Reviewed by Todd Palmer, MSW

Fogel, S. J., Barkdull, C., & Weber, B. A., Eds. (2016). Environmental justice: An issue for social work education and practice. New York: Taylor and Francis, Routledge
Reviewed by Charles Garvin, Ph.D., CSW

Dion, M., Weisstub, D., & Richet, J. (Eds.). (2016). Financial crimes: Psychological, technological, and ethical issues. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing AG
Reviewed by Peter A. Kindle, Ph.D, CPA, LMSW

Ross, L., & Solinger, R. (2017). Reproductive justice: An introduction (Vol. 1). Oakland, CA: University of California Press Reviewed by Rebecca J. McCloskey, MSW, LISW

Callahan, A. M. (2017). Spirituality and hospice social work. New York, NY: Columbia University Press.
Reviewed by Ottis Murray, Ed.D.

Bodenheimer, D. (2017). On clinical social work: Meditations and truths from the field. Harrisburg: PA. The New Social Worker Press.
Reviewed by Elaine Spencer, MSW, RSW

Ford, D. Y., (Ed.). (2017). Telling our stories: Culturally different adults reflect on growing up in singleparent families. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing
Reviewed by J. Porter Lillis, Ph.D.


A poem ………BUT IT’S MY JOB
William Eldridge, Ph.D