Volume 09 (2012), Issue 2

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DOI: 10.55521/10-009-200


Moving Forward
by Linda May Grobman, MSW, LSW, ACSW


Big Brother Is Listening to You: Some Non-Privileged Thoughts on Teaching Critical Consciousness
W. Dana Holman, DSW

Social Work Education in Non-Sexual Dual Relationships
Jeremy Carney, MSW, Ph.D. & Kristen McCarren, BSW

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Social Work Values: A Critical Analysis
A. Antonio González-Prendes, Ph.D.

Social Work Student Attitudes Toward the Social Work Perspective on Abortion
Gretchen E. Ely, Ph.D., Chris Flaherty, Ph.D., L. Shevawn Akers, MSW & Tara Bonistall Noland, MSW

The Hope and Healing Response Team Program Model: A Social Work Intervention for Clergy Abuse
Margo J. Heydt & William P. O’Connell

Social Work Research Considerations with Sexual Minorities in the African Diaspora
Kamilah Majied, Ph.D. & Tamarah Moss-Knight, Ph.D.

An Exploration of the Development of Professional Boundaries
Gail E. Trimberger

Book Reviews

Hegland, K. F., & Fleming, R. B. (2010). New Times, New Challenges: Law and Advice for Savvy Seniors and Their Families. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press.
Reviewed by Peter A. Kindle, Ph.D.

Hunter, S. (2010). Effects of conservative religion on lesbian and gay clients and practitioners: Practice implications. Washington, DC: NASW Press.
Reviewed by Peter A. Kindle, Ph.D.

Lesser, H. (Ed.) (2012). Justice for Older People. New York, NY: Rodopi Press.
Reviewed by: Stephen M. Marson, Ph.D.

Nichols-Casebolt, A. (2012). Research Integrity and Responsible Conduct of Research. NY: Oxford University Press.
Reviewed by: Charles Garvin, Ph.D.