Volume 08 (2011), Issue 1

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DOI: 10.55521/10-008-100


“You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Finn.”
Stephen M Marson, PhD, Senior Editor

A Dedication to Carol J. Williams
by Steve Marson, Ph.D.

Letters to the editor


Discursive Practices in Working with Pregnant Women “At Risk”: Implications for Social Work Ethics
Shelley B. Pennington, MSW, RSW

Jungian Theory of Psychological Type Augments the Translating of Social Work Values into Social Work Practice

F. B. Pete Campbell, Jr., EdD, ACSW

Social Eugenics Practices With Children in Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the Role of Social Work: Lessons for Current Practice
Stephanie Johnson, MSW, MAASW, EMDRIM & Bernadette Moorhead, BSW

A Social Justice Value Approach Regarding PhysicianAssisted Suicide and Euthanasia Among the Elderly
Maureen V. Himchak, Ph.D., LCSW

Dual Relations and Beyond: Understanding and Addressing Ethical Challenges for Rural Social Work
Michael R. Daley, Ph.D. LCSW PIP, ACSW

The Emergence of the Breath of Life Theory
Cindy Blackstock, PhD


Coercing Conscience: Professional Duty or Moral Integrity
Paul Adams, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa

Book Reviews

Schwalbe, M. (2007). Rigging the game: How inequality is reproduced in everyday life. New York: Oxford University Press.
Reviewed by Stephen M. Marson, Ph.D.

Pyles, L. (2009). Progressive community organizing: A critical approach for a globalizing world. New York, NY: Routledge.
Reviewed by Wayne C. Evens, Ph.D.
Reviewed by Veronica Hardy, PhD, LCSW

Lieberman, A. (2010). Women in Social Work Who Have Changed the World. Chicago, Illinois: Lyceum Books, Inc.
Reviewed by Rasby Marlene Powell, Ph.D.

Horn, Thomas (2011). Is it Ethical: 101 Scenarios in Everyday Social Work Practice. Harrisburg, PA: White Hat Communications.
Reviewed by Paul Dovyak, ACSW, LISW-S

Umbreit, M. & Armour, M. P. (2011). Restorative justice dialogue: An essential guide for research and practice. New York: Springer Publishing.
Reviewed by Wayne C. Evens, Ph.D.

Gazzaniga, M. S. (2005). The ethical brain. New York: Dana Press.
Reviewed by Stephen M. Marson, Ph.D.