Volume 06 (2009), Issue 1

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DOI: 10.55521/10-006-100


Your Top 10 List
Stephen M. Marson, Ph.D., Editor

Letters to the Editor

A response to Spano and Koenig: Code of Duties or Ideological Club?
Paul Adams, Ph.D.

A response to Adams: Free speech and special responsibilities of the profession
Richard Spano, PhD & Terry Koenig, PhD


Ethical Decision-Making in Social Work: Exploring Personal and Professional Values
Otima Z. Doyle, Ph.D. Shari E. Miller, Ph.D. & Fatima Y. Mirza

Highlighting the Role of Cross-Cultural Competence in Ethically Sound Practice
Kathleen Cox, Ph.D., Nancy Sullivan, MSW, Jennifer Reiman, MSW & Cher Vang, EMQ

Workplace Abuse: Roles of the Supervisor and the Supervisee
Ann Christie, Dip (OT), NZROT

Book Reviews

Roberts, A. R. (Ed.). (2009). Social Workers’ Desk Reference, 2nd Edition. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.
Reviewed by Georgianna Mack, MSW, PLCSW

Sowers, Karen M. and Dulmus, Catherine, N. (eds.) (2008). The Comprehensive Handbook of Social Work and Social Welfare (4 volumes). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.
Reviewed by Stephen M. Marson, Ph.D., & Ashley N. Bunnell, BSW Candidate