Volume 02 (2005), Issue 1

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DOI: 10.55521/10-002-100


Upcoming Special Issues
Stephen M. Marson, Ph.D. Editor & Jerry Finn, Co-Editor


Pragmatism and Clinical Practices
Dirk Felleman, M.S.W., ABD

Ethical Dilemmas in Social Work with Right-Wing Youth Groups: Solutions based on the document Ethics in Social Work, Statement of Principles by the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW)
Stefan Borrmann, Dipl. Ped.

Felony Convictions and Program Admissions: Theoretical Perspectives to Guide Decision-Making
Gail M. Leedy, MSW, Ph.D., and James E. Smith, MSW, Ph.D.

I’m Still Standing: Impacts & Consequences of Ethical Dilemmas for Social Workers in Direct Practice
Donna McAuliffe, Ph.D.

Book Reviews

Di Gursansky, Judy Harvey, & Rosemary Kennedy (2003). Case Management. Columbia University Press: New York.
Reviewed by Sanford Schwartz, Ph.D.

Stein, Theodore J. (2004). The Role of Law in Social Work Practice and Administration. New York: Columbia University Press.
Reviewed by Stephen M. Marson, Ph.D., CMSW