Reviewer Orientation: Comments and Concerns

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In this section the reviewer is asked to offer qualitative comments about the manuscript.  Do your best to help the author.  There is plenty of space to include all comments.

If the manuscript is excellent,this section will take less than 10 minutes.  The more problematic the paper, the more time must be spent here.  Write appropriate remarks in the cells.

Begin with the strengths of the manuscript – don’t destroy the author. Take things you like about the paper.

Sometimes, the reviewer cannot find any redeeming value in the paper. Go with your instincts, but do so kindly. Place these under Major concerns.

Desk rejections fail to meet the mission of the journal. Other journals may be recommended to authors.

Major concerns and improvement suggestions may be used for comments on theory or consistency. For example, if something was left out – like a really weak review of literature.

Minor concerns and improvement suggestions means that you may have a lot of concerns but those concerns are easy to fix.

Reviewers, please, do not include your name on anything. Do not use comments inside of Microsoft Word’s tracking.

Should the reviewer Unconditionally accept the manuscript, No additional comments are necessary. Continue to the next section, overall evaluation, and  insert a 5.